Large poster with a few cool features!

It's quite big (90"x30" - 228.6 cm x 76.2cm)!


The poster illustrates:

  • Moon Phases (From Day 1 - Day 30)
  • English and Arabic Translation of key words

Kids might find coloring a gigantic piece of paper with over 450 objects to be a bit overwhelming, that's why the goal is not to color it all at once.

On Day 1 of Ramadan, you need to find all 30 Stars and color them. On Day 2, you need to find all 29 Dates and color them. And so on... by the end of the Ramadan the whole poster will be colored in!

It's a family activity that can be done all through Ramadan. The objects to find will decrease until EID, where only one object will require to be found.

A cool feature about this poster is that moon phases are displayed and numbered at the bottom of the poster. It's a great way to keep track of days in Ramadan.

Here is another awesome feature...

You know how there are lots of advent calendars on the market for Ramadan, but you never know what to put in those tiny pockets. Well... Parents can choose to cut the bottom squares (coloring instructions) and insert them in an advent calendar of any sort.

That way, the child will receive their surprise mission for the day and get to work!

Not to forget that Arabic translation of key words is also mentioned. Children will get familiar with terms like Mamool or Suhoor etc.

Find & Color Ramadan coloring Poster