The Wobbel 360 is unique.

Because of its slight concave shape it 'Wobbels' fluently, but is also very suitable for a lot of fun, balance, sitting, ball games and of course a lot of spinning, a lot of spinning!

The Wobbel 360 with and without eko felt is suitable from 0 months (under supervision).

For hard floors we recommend the eko felt for protection of floors and Wobbels.



What we see happen when children try out the Wobbel360:

  • They like to balance themselves.
  • That goes very well because of a softer curve than on the Wobbel Original.
  • They are sailing in a boat to sail.
  • Sitting, turn themselves or anothers around.
  • You can also turn around like a skateboard with a good swing.
  • In addition, it invites for good balance.
  • Walk around the circle or balance each other.
  • With a little power, the Wobbel360 walks with you: the Wobbel Walk.

But we also saw a lot of game in which the physical laws are experienced.
With cars / balls. Rotate, swing, move.


And reversed it's a shot, a stage, a seat.

Also with this Wobbel360, it's what your kid wants it to be!


For the dads and mommies: you turn the lower back and there is a lot of interest for it in a standing working environment. You will never stand completely still on it, so you can work and learn while moving.


WOBBEL360 (pressed felt Mouse)